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Williams Auto

“If you are like us, and want to ensure tremendous return on your investment, we strongly recommend Global Database Marketing.”
As you know, we have been business partners with GDM for over 5 years. We have used several products in all our dealership locations in different states. The one thing we can attest to is a consistent and solid growth in our business both in sales and service. If you are like us, and want to ensure tremendous return on your investment, we strongly recommend Global Database Marketing. We will continue to use GDM at our current stores for both service and sales. It has become an integral part of our marketing plan.
John Williams, Chairman, Williams Automotive Group, FL


“GDM is able to target the exact audience that you would like to target. They are able to measure the results of the campaigns. Without our partnership with Global Database Marketing, we would not be where we are today.”
We are one of the top 100 selling and top 10 servicing dealerships for Ford Motor Corp in the United States. We have over 140 Service Bays and 12 1⁄2 acres to support Ford Motor Company. We’ve seen results come in on sales of 10k mailers ranging from 35 to 65 cars per 10k mailers, which delivers an amazing ROI. These are consistent results year in, year out, over the last 20 years. They have a guarantee which I think is 20 cars per 10k which is a phenomenal offer. Again, taking the risk out of the campaign. You can’t order something more exact than that. View Video
Gary Premeaux , President/General Manager, South Bay Ford Lincoln, Hawthorne, CA

Klein Honda

“What’s really great about GDM is their ability to create new service opportunities.”
Klein Honda has been partnering with Global Database Marketing (GDM) for almost 3 years. What’s really great about GDM is their ability to create new service opportunities, and then build on these new relationships, to increasingly grow our ROI in Service. I would highly recommend GDM to another dealer and I already have.
Ryan Holmes, Parts & Service Director for Klein Honda, Everett, WA

Herb Connolly Hyundai

“I will never deal with another agency other than Global!”
I have been working with Global Database Marketing for 9 years now in a growing Service Department. The key word in that is GROWING with a large part due to my dealings with Global Database Marketing. My Repair Order count, Customer Pay Sales, Hours Per Repair Order, and Effective Labor Rate have climbed since we have started with Global. The staff is extremely friendly and VERY Efficient. I will never deal with another agency other than Global!
Brian Zompetti, Service Manager for Herb Connolly Hyundai, Framingham, MA

Kearny Pearson Ford

“In my mind, some of the dollars we spend with GDM are some of the best dollars that we spend in any type of medium that we advertise in.”
We’ve seen an unbelievable increase in our Sales in San Diego in terms of Ford. We’re up 22% this year. Our VIN retention is up in San Diego. That’s one of the things I’m really proud of in my own dealership as well. Our VIN retention was in the low 30s. 32 or 33. Since we have had the 22 month relationship our VIN retention now is over 40%. 41.7%. We are the highest in the San Diego zone and one of the highest dealers in the country, as it relates to VIN retention. So we are pretty proud of that. We owe a lot of that to Global Database Marketing. View Video
Doug Davis,General Manager/Vice President, Kearny Pearson Ford, San Diego, CA

Nissan Of Cool Springs

“It’s been a great success for us and we continue to make it part of what we do here at the store.”
Our first letter went out in March and we sold 71 cars to people that had received the letter. What I found interesting was that 41 of them had never purchased a vehicle here before or used our Service Dept. So we had exposure to new business which we found quite exceptional. The results were very exciting to us and the rest of the staff. View Video
Jason Buckner, Business Development Director, Nissan of Cool Springs, Franklin, TN